You punch me in the face, then on your way,

You and your band of thugs are out to play.

Cartwheels, giggling, you sabotage the day,

For the time being you are here to stay.


Your army spreads as far as the eye can see,

A flood of ocean waves engulfing me.

Here at home on my Dakota prairie,

Once to the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Ree.


Like quartz crystals of sand sharp on the go,

Minute throwing stars hurled from a wind’s blow.

But when the air sleeps your movement is slow,

Once horizontal now vertical flow.


Engulfing prairie rose and all smooth brome,

Total conversion the Great Plains Biome,

A tunneling vole nudges to its home,

Shouldering its way through chilled Styrofoam.


My movement glides with speed across your backs,

If with elbow grease I apply ski wax.

You’re imprinted with grouse and coyote tracks,

In a shelter of you we drop our packs.


Ah, the way you blanket and insulate,

Stick around my friend, for now spring can wait.

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