I’ll Remember You


Bullion Butte was one of Levi’s “stomping grounds” near Golva, ND.

It is the season when you did go

They lowered your body down below.

Your time while here touched so many hearts

Where you went I’m certain I know.


Your life walk was clear, no gray from you

You loved your family more than the dew.

You had so much to teach and to share

So much of ranching and farming too.


I will never forget the crowd there

Proud firefighters stood everywhere.

Your son walked to all and shook their hands

I’m sure you could feel their every prayer.


This volunteer time revealed your art

You did your service; you did your part.

Set examples, left a legacy

Live for others; give it from the heart.


You left while you were living your dream

But caught me off-guard as if midstream.

Big questions in life have no answers

I wish I knew God’s beautiful scheme.


I’ll remember you a family man,

I’ll remember you a great horseman,

Just like a brother you were to me,

I’ll remember you such a real man.

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