A Feline Shift


Ol’Fluffy has his perch picked-out in the tractor cab.

Yup, times are a changin’, I clearly see,

History is unfolding right before me.

Time is a’glowing, it’s surely alive,

All actions must adapt; all must survive.

The other day, while at a rancher’s place,

I met a fellow with a big smile on his face.

Contrary to the thermometer, his spirits were high,

Attitude is everything; it’s do-or-die.

The way that the weather’s been, as of lately,

I immaturely expected a somber “oh pity me.”

Instead his heart beamed golden and mighty fine,

He was embracing well, the post-storm shine.

I couldn’t help but notice that in his tractor sat,

No border collie but a calico cat.

Every morning when he climbs up to his seat,

Out of the barn springs the cat; it’s a daily repeat.

Now this puts the kibosh on the status quo,

Must be a product of this mind-numbing snow.

Nothing else explains my perplexity,

This ranching takes on a new complexity.

A Zeitgeist change is cresting over the drift,

A new way of thinking; a paradigm shift.

I think I know where the future is going,

The time of the canine is quickly plateauing.

Blue and red heelers work cattle through gates,

Via nipping at heels; that’s one of their traits.

But think about the feline and all of his claws,

And agility that defies all of gravity’s laws.

Trained to sprint and to leap right onto cow backs,

Will get them going for sure; near cow heart attacks.

And where barks were once used to move the sluggish herd,

Now a blood-curdling scream will get those hooves stirred.

“Sick’em ol’ Cupcake” or “Sick’em Marshmallow,”

“Get that maverick out the draw, burn off his tallow.”

Or “Ma’s trying to get me, while I’m tagging a calf,

Guard me ol’ Garfield, turn back her riff raff.”

I see the cat’s duty, I see its potential,

I see how one on every ranch is essential.

I can’t wait to hear one yowl on command,

If one can be good, a pack would be grand!

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