Modern Valor


Door whips shut

No big deal, I got this

Adrenaline junky all the way

Round the first corner

Ice shards, high knees, high knees

Stabilize yourself, hand on car

Short breaths, air burns lungs

Why am I doing this again?

You’ll catch a cold

Round the second corner

Hurdle the hitching post

Keep going, laughing hysterically

Longest straightaway stretch

Crusty snow stabs

Don’t slow down, clock is ticking

Stop laughing, it slows you down

Round the third corner

Pump those arms, if they’re moving

Feet are moving

You’re crazy, insane, you lost

Your mind

Descent, think heels, think heels

Don’t slip, focus, concentrate

Hope the neighbors aren’t watching

Round the fourth corner

Final stretch; take it home

Can’t feel feet

Legs are stubs in circular motion

I’m going to make it

Ascent, get up those steps

Frozen rocks

Almost there, to the door

Open, close in a flash

But feels like eons


Sit before you fall


They’re numb

Quick wrap them in a warm towel

You conquered your record

By one second

You’re a beast

One more time

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