Live Your Truth

Sing your song, don’t just hum it,

Voice that thought, don’t just strum it.

Real-can-be dreams protected deep inside,

Are just silly ideas without action to ride.

But that action will take you far beyond comprehension,

All the while building character with much needed tension.

The severest of life gives valor to the bristlecone pine,

With gust mangled limbs and feet a gravity seeking vine.

Even though it failed, its pluses and minuses still add up,

Your falls get you to the ridgetop; adversity fills the golden cup.

Seek the scars, experience the tumultuous pains,

The good life is lived with adventuresome reins.

Never riding bareback never teaches balance,

Never testing your edges never reveals your talents.

Change your once thunk to a new way to think,

Listen to your inner voice and know this is the only fulfilling drink.