Living a life immersed in nature and sharing nature is a priority for me.  It takes at least three days in the wilderness to truly become attuned to the rhythms around you.  When I leave, I want so badly to maintain my connectedness.  I make a conscious effort each and every day to develop my kid’s understanding of the natural world.  Our current culture then will sift-in to fill other voids.  I know I must be proactive  in my pursuit to build their characters.


The best way to start a thought or dream is to gaze into a photograph.  My mind can go on a thousand journeys with just a short series of well-orchestrated photographs.  It’s art that makes life so beautiful.  Whether it’s family, engagements, weddings, or just because, I love being part of life’s moments.


It’s all about the written word.  It remains.  It defines.  A place to release thoughts tied-up in busy lives.  The more I write, the more I become engauged  in words and their meanings.